Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Always a New Beginning

         Today has been super windy so far, with lots of gray clouds on one side of the building and crazy sunshine on the other. I am stumped on my math homework, so I wrote the questions down to ask my teacher in class today. But who cares about my mundane life actions, that are amazingly boring and rather pointless to tell you about. Not me, that's for sure.
         I do care about food though, a lot. And about never giving up, which includes realizing that every minute is a new beginning. Our soul can be sad, but we can never lose faith in hope, in the fact that no matter how many times we fail, there is always another chance. The more we take that chance, the less we will fail. We just have to take the chance.
         I am currently breathing Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have to remind myself to savor the expectation, and not get to caught up in the future of it. I constantly am praying for snow. Even the thought of it falling makes me smile. Btw, anyone who reads this please say a prayer to St. Anthony for something I lost that is really important, and I really need.
        I am coming back to this post after a very tedious science lab. There are little marimba players downstairs, that are insanely loud, but pretty good!! Although I can't say I want their concert to go on much longer :)
        Anyways, tootles!!

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