Tuesday, 28 June 2016


          That first paycheck felt really good, especially since I am going to pay my loan off after posting. I am eating French Silk Pie, the Cook's Country recipe, and it is so good.
          Brittany is expecting. For some reason it makes me so happy to think about, I guess because she is the first close friend who has had a baby. Well, who will have a baby, God willing. It reminds me of how much I have to be thankful for. When I think of all the people who are burning their children and throwing them in the trash, of how miserable I could be, if I did not have such amazing parents. It is a depressing thought, but also extremely uplifting. There is so much that I have that a fraction of people in the world have. It was not an exaggeration when the children of Fatima said that souls were falling into hell like snowflakes. I look around me at all the blank faces that have no joy in them, because they have no grace. I can be sad about the reality of this bleak world, but I have to be happy for those blank faces and try to inspire them to think on something eternal, even if for a moment. And I have to be joyful for myself. Every moment that i can I have to say thank you to Him for every grace and every happy moment. Most importantly for my family. They are the rock I stand on, sitting steady in the earth that is Christ.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Time Flies

      I cannot believe it is already the end of June! This month flew by. I am sitting on my bed on a gorgeous sunny Sunday. Father gave his sermon on the compassion of the Sacred Heart. It was a great pick me up for the end of June. Feast of St. Peter and Paul on Wednesday!! Sadly I probably won't be able to go to mass, as I have to go to the dentist that morning. Ugh.
     So of course, right when I get in a sort of groove of exercising and blogging and getting my life together, I have to work two double shifts two days in a row, and the whole great plan, and attitude completely goes out the window. But thankfully I think I have been able to bounce back. I just got back from a run, and it went even better than the last one. And after I finish this post, I am going to tackle a bit of yoga I think.
       My sister has gone and done a horrible thing, and become addicted to Downton Abbey. Anyone who reads this take it as a warning! Avoid this mistake at all costs! Psyche is bad enough!
       I am off to work tonight as a favor for a coworker, and for once, even though it is Sunday, I am actually kind of looking forward to it! I don't know why. Probably because I really don't have anything better to do, and I am getting my first paycheck tomorrow.
       To conclude, I leave this blog with the pasta recipe that I made for a friend's wedding. I personally catered it, and it was a great experience and turned out awesome!

Heat: 1 cup cream and 1 cup milk over low to medium heat
Turn heat to low
Add: 2 cups good quality parmesan cheese
Wait till it melts, whisking carefully
Add: 1 tblsp. all purpose flour.
Whisk until all lumps are gone
Take off the heat
Add: 1 tsp chili flakes ( or any amount you prefer )
1/4 cup rinsed sundried tomatoes
1 tsp garlic powder
lots of salt and pepper

Mix with one pound cooked pasta and enjoy!! Feel free to add chicken or sausage!
This is my own personal recipe, so please refer people to this blog if you want to share!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer Starts

          Something I have realized in the past couple of days: whenever someone makes a bad life decision, it is usually those closest to them, and not the actual person, who get hurt the most. This is a conviction that has sprung simply from personal experience on both sides of the matter. And once I realized it, it made me really want to not do anything stupid that will make others feel worse than me.
          There are times when no one can fix a hurt that is inside you, when there is no one you can talk to who will understand why you just want to weep for a week straight. Times when only a talk with God will suffice. And those times are usually times of hurt. When something is ripped away from you without any warning, or any replacement- so that there is just a gaping whole in your soul. Only God's love can fill those holes. I have to keep telling myself that, or I will wallow in sadness, in every sense of the word.
         9 months ago, I said that I would be posting on my new blog every day. That obviously turned out really well, but I am determined to give it another shot. Which is why I am here, putting down some more reflections for the beginning of the summer, if only to make myself seriously contemplate something not totally superfluous.
        Here's to new beginnings!!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father's Day

Dear Dad,

        I thank God that the older I get, the more I love, understand and appreciate you. Thanks to you, our family grows in unity, strength and love every year. It is by your example that I am driven to love God more, not only because he gave me such an amazing father, but because every day I see how much you love Him. It really is a minor miracle that you have survived raising five strong-minded and opinionated girls without bashing a couple of our heads in, or maybe your own, though I sense that maybe you have contemplated this before. You surprise me every day with your kindness, probably because this is one of your traits I have yet to notice in myself.
      But what I love the most about you Dad, is how much you love Mom. She knows what I mean. Its the little gestures that make all the difference, like how you bring her coffee every morning no matter what, or how you will go get her floss no matter how comfy you are. Every morning I hear you creaking down those steps, I have to smile, because I am so happy to have you for my Dad.
      You teach bratty children all day and then come home and work on your land. You built this house and cultivated this property so that your kids could grow up happy and healthy. You gave me the most important thing in my life besides Catholicism: music.
      There is no proper way to thank you. For everything. But there is one sure way: to see you in Heaven. And I am sure I speak for all of us kids when I say that that is what I intend to do. Otherwise all your sacrifices are worthless. And that is the most heartbreaking thought of all.
      I almost wish all the kids in the world could have you as a dad, but then I would have to share you, and it is hard enough with the six of us already.
       I love you Dad. Thanks for taking care of Mom and us. Thanks for never giving up, no matter what. All I can do is pray for all of the blessings God can spare to be saved for you guys. I hope your day is perfect, and that you grow happier every moment. I love you both so much more than I have every shown you, and I am going to start changing that right now.

Sophie Ann