Monday, 21 September 2015


      Yes, I've had a lot of those lately. The first that comes to mind is that not everyone knows what a blog is, and it is very hard to explain. I was trying to do so for a friend of mine, and she ended up saying, "so, its kind of like facebook", and I was like NNOOOO!! Then I realized it could be if you only wrote about yourself. It would actually be like your own personal facebook. If you did it the wrong way. So I'll try not to talk to much about myself, and the me world.
      ( Except the fact that I am eating this amazing left over lasagna for lunch that my Mom made, and it is amazing!! She is the best cook I know)
     So moving on to other realizations, like, : I can only live this day once. Yes. September 21 2015 will only happen once, and its my choice what to do with it. We will never have another chance to make this minute lived for God, or to offer our morning prayers to Him on this day, or say "I love you" to our parents. Better do it now!!
     It was the same day that I was thinking that, that I had another epiphany ( I am tired of writing that long word ) Only God cares about every single person on the earth. Do I care about the Africans, or the Japanese. Not really. I don't want to sound heartless, because of course a person with always have empathy for another person, simply because they are both humans. But do i really care ?? I haven't even been there so I can't relate, or really comprehend anything except what I live. Anyways, the point is that someone does care, He cares for every child born and unborn, and He knows them all by heart. I had this thought, and it was so comforting; not in a feely way, but comforting because it makes one feel human, and realize the true power of the Communion of Saints. God hears every prayer, He sees everything. " I will fear no evils, for thou art with me"
          Ok last realization for the day: The more time I spend worrying about all the unimportant frivolous things in the world I live in, the less likely it is that I will become a saint. Sounds obvious, but i think it is helping me to look at it that way: a sort of scale, which of course Jesus already talked about in the Bible, where all the time spent on the world is on one side, and all the time spent on my spiritual side is on another. We can all look for ourselves and see how even they are. Ideally they should be uneven in favor of the spiritual, but for now I am going to try and just get them to even out.
   So I am going to go work on that by going to math...... jk, I actually have more homework to do first.


       This is a must listen . So beautiful . Music that is uplifting is so rare these days. Eric Whitacre did compose this only a few years ago.



  1. I was like, "no, not another blog..." And then it turned out I liked it. ;) Keep writing!

  2. I was like, "no, not another blog..." And then it turned out I liked it. ;) Keep writing!

  3. that supposed to be a compliment????? I'll take it as one and say thanks!!

    1. That was most definitely a compliment. ;)
      And you're welcome.

    2. That was most definitely a compliment. ;)
      And you're welcome.

  4. If you're going to have a blog, you need to proofread your posts! My sister is starting to use apostrophes where they don't belong and swapping in homonyms for the correct words!!!

    (This is all said in a fun, making-fun-of-you-but-sort-of-serious-way)