Sunday, 29 November 2015

What Child is This?

What Child is this Whose limbs so small
Are resting on the hay?
What gentle kiss on His mean shawl
Does Mother Mary lay?
Whence comes this star so big and bright
By golden rays encased?
In field not far, at dead of night,
It bid the shepherds haste.

What shepherds these who are so called
To witness Jesus' birth?
They bend their knees in prayer enthralled,
Before the King of Earth.

A marvel great they all did see
On that first Christmas night.
In lowly state, from Jesse's tree,
No pomp for Him, no might,
Is Jesus born all hidden still,
From those who know Him not.
His wraps are torn, by His own will
From rags with soil and spot.

Some short days hence from lands far East
Three wise-men will appear.
In gilded tents, they rest and feast.
But Lo! They now draw near.

They do not know that their rich gifts
Foretell this Child's fate.
Amid the snow His joy uplifts,
But mockery and hate
Await the Child  Whose limbs so slight
Still shiver in the cold.
What babe so mild, lies here in sight
Of Kings and cattle bold?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

O Little Town of Bethlehem

O little town of Bethlehem,
With busy streets and small,
How came you not to give a hall
To those who safeguard such a gem
As Christ the Son of God?

Your dwellers all did not take heed,
That Mary and her Son had need
Of rest and warmth; they turn away
The One who made their night and day,
And is made man to pay their debt
And by His death, their bliss abet.

O little town of Bethlem,
The night has fallen fast.
The people to their beds at last,
Turn head and hand; no sight for them
As for the shepherds poor.

The angels in the sky will sing,
The wisemen three their gifts will bring,
The Virgin Queen her Son will bear-
But You! O Town! You will not share
The joy all Heaven rings forth this night
That shines in Jesus' star so bright! 

Awake, O Town! You are the one
In which, this night, God placed His Son,
To now begin His earthly life,
To save your people, end the strife.
And True! His birth all hell confounds,
While glorious praise in Heaven resounds.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

God rest ye merry gentlemen,
Your Savior has come down.
Inside a lowly asses pen,
With warm, white sheep, and cattle brown,
He slumbers hid from sinful sight,
While straight above His star shines bright,
Which angels there have flown.

You know the tale of Christmas night,
A tale most true and real.
You see the shepherds faint with fright,
As angels in the sky reveal
The birthing place of our Dear Lord.
With haste they gather wool and gourd
To offer in their zeal.

The star has made a journey long,
It guided wise-men three.
They come with pomp, camel, and song
In search of one they know to be
The rightful King; they find Him there,
Gold, frankincense and myrrh lay bare,
Adore on bended knee.

The angels sing, while silent night
On all the land around
Is softened by the dainty sight
Of snow that covers all the ground;
Then slowly, slowly comes the moon
Brightens the night, until quite soon
A brand new day is found.

Let us in laud our songs employ,
On this year's Christmas feast-
Our prayers unite in hope and joy,
Adore with shepherd, king and beast,
The child who gave himself for man,
The price of God's eternal plan,
Whose love has never ceased.
                   Sophie Saurette

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Always a New Beginning

         Today has been super windy so far, with lots of gray clouds on one side of the building and crazy sunshine on the other. I am stumped on my math homework, so I wrote the questions down to ask my teacher in class today. But who cares about my mundane life actions, that are amazingly boring and rather pointless to tell you about. Not me, that's for sure.
         I do care about food though, a lot. And about never giving up, which includes realizing that every minute is a new beginning. Our soul can be sad, but we can never lose faith in hope, in the fact that no matter how many times we fail, there is always another chance. The more we take that chance, the less we will fail. We just have to take the chance.
         I am currently breathing Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have to remind myself to savor the expectation, and not get to caught up in the future of it. I constantly am praying for snow. Even the thought of it falling makes me smile. Btw, anyone who reads this please say a prayer to St. Anthony for something I lost that is really important, and I really need.
        I am coming back to this post after a very tedious science lab. There are little marimba players downstairs, that are insanely loud, but pretty good!! Although I can't say I want their concert to go on much longer :)
        Anyways, tootles!!

Monday, 21 September 2015


      Yes, I've had a lot of those lately. The first that comes to mind is that not everyone knows what a blog is, and it is very hard to explain. I was trying to do so for a friend of mine, and she ended up saying, "so, its kind of like facebook", and I was like NNOOOO!! Then I realized it could be if you only wrote about yourself. It would actually be like your own personal facebook. If you did it the wrong way. So I'll try not to talk to much about myself, and the me world.
      ( Except the fact that I am eating this amazing left over lasagna for lunch that my Mom made, and it is amazing!! She is the best cook I know)
     So moving on to other realizations, like, : I can only live this day once. Yes. September 21 2015 will only happen once, and its my choice what to do with it. We will never have another chance to make this minute lived for God, or to offer our morning prayers to Him on this day, or say "I love you" to our parents. Better do it now!!
     It was the same day that I was thinking that, that I had another epiphany ( I am tired of writing that long word ) Only God cares about every single person on the earth. Do I care about the Africans, or the Japanese. Not really. I don't want to sound heartless, because of course a person with always have empathy for another person, simply because they are both humans. But do i really care ?? I haven't even been there so I can't relate, or really comprehend anything except what I live. Anyways, the point is that someone does care, He cares for every child born and unborn, and He knows them all by heart. I had this thought, and it was so comforting; not in a feely way, but comforting because it makes one feel human, and realize the true power of the Communion of Saints. God hears every prayer, He sees everything. " I will fear no evils, for thou art with me"
          Ok last realization for the day: The more time I spend worrying about all the unimportant frivolous things in the world I live in, the less likely it is that I will become a saint. Sounds obvious, but i think it is helping me to look at it that way: a sort of scale, which of course Jesus already talked about in the Bible, where all the time spent on the world is on one side, and all the time spent on my spiritual side is on another. We can all look for ourselves and see how even they are. Ideally they should be uneven in favor of the spiritual, but for now I am going to try and just get them to even out.
   So I am going to go work on that by going to math...... jk, I actually have more homework to do first.


       This is a must listen . So beautiful . Music that is uplifting is so rare these days. Eric Whitacre did compose this only a few years ago.


Thursday, 10 September 2015


           Well I figured I better get down to the crazy foodie posts that will be probably be just as boring and pointless as everything else on this blog. Haha. So who knows what foccacia is?? I'll tell you. It is an Italian sheet pan bread, traditionally topped with fine chopped herbs and lots of salt. At least the stuff I've made. Its insanely fluffy and soft, and can be very tall, depending on how much yeast you decide to put in it.
           Now, I have never been to Italy so I don't know how an Italian Mom would do hers, but what I do know is that this stuff is good and easy. My first job at an Italian restaurant had foccacia that was salty and squat and tender as they come. I never actually made it there, but I ate plenty of it. Unfortunately, it seems to be a prerequisite of the stuff that it is almost rock hard by the next day. But its not a total loss because: CROUTONS!! Another classic Italian thing. Although they apparently come from France. But the truth is foccacia makes great croutons because of its soft interior. If made right foccacia croutons explode in your mouth with tons of flavor. And when I say if made right, I of course mean if made with enough butter and oil, and salt, and spices. Which is usually a lot.
        I made a lot of foccacia and croutons at my last job in Vancouver. And they were both pretty awesome, if I may say. I figured out after a few weeks, that leaving it on the first rise for almost an hour made it so soft it was almost unbelievable. Always rise it twice with a punch down in between. And the croutons. Never cook them over 325 and be patient. Use a convection oven if you can. They are their most crunchy at a gorgeous golden color. If you let them get any tint of brown they will start to taste scorched. Always douse them in melted butter! And don't forget the pepper, and either garlic powder or garlic infused olive oil, or both. Rosemary and Thyme are great on foccacia, so you might think of adding some of those.
          Off to my work out class. Yet again!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I Love Jason Mraz!

            Listening to Everywhere just put me in a good mood. Without even trying. I can't decide if I should start homework because I only have 20 minutes before I have to go to my workout class, and I know it will take me longer than that. I am also trying to decide if I should spend the time trying to teach myself the math tonight, or if I should just wait and be taught it. Also freaking about this online class that is total bs. Its like she won't even acknowledge that she has an online class. What are we supposed to do, when we aren't even told where to go online and there are no lectures of even directions of what we should read. Anyway, hopefully she responds to my email, and helps me out.
             There is not much going on besides the normal. I really don't want to go to this workout class. Like really. But sometimes we have to do things we don't want to and go places we don't want to. I still need to get that through my thick head. It is not the end of the world if something doesn't go right right away. Offer it up, that is what Mom would say. Being thankful for everything else,  makes one little problem not a big problem.
              Right now I'm just wishing that it were already Christmas. But I suppose that the anticipation is the really fun part. Its just right when it starts getting colder or even remotely autumn like I want to here Christmas music, and be warm and cozy by a fire, definitely not going to a work out class!!
             I'll be back later with a night prayers post. Here's to sweat and rap!

Sunday, 6 September 2015


              Its just been coming down, cooling everything off, causing us (or dad rather) to build our first fire. Dani and Kristoff came back from Moscow and Montana for the weekend, so I have been terribly unproductive, just enjoying their company while they are here, because they are sadly leaving today and tomorrow. Fortunately, I consider family the most important thing in my life so I don't feel so bad. We did homework today, so that was not fun. Poor Dani is trying to figure out these crazy chemistry problems, and I wish I could help her, but it turns out that she is a little better at just helping me with pre-calc. You know sometimes I think that even the teachers who teach this stuff don't understand it.
            We went to the Latham's Movie Night party, and had a blast, and then we went to the Wilson's last night and laughed for like 3 hours straight. So what is the real topic for tonight's post? It is the importance of human interaction, and real communication. People don't share ideas anymore. They do not just sit back and have an articulate, intelligent conversation. It doesn't have to be about anything particularly uplifting, although that helps. Simply being able to exchange thoughts on your new video game would be a good start. When we take the time to speak to each other, our world slows down to a normal speed. We don't realize how much time we have either, really, until we unplug from all the extras in our lives, simply do what is necessary, and then examine our time. What is important to me? What do I want to spend my life doing? I talk to people to find out that out. Humans are social animals, and it will be too late before we all wake up and realize we are alienated from each other because we did not talk to each other. It will be too late because we will have already killed each other in our blindness, unable to see what we were doing.
               Thank God for our families, the families of our parish that try to live as humans should, loving each other's company, socializing as we were meant to. You know how people say sharing is caring? Well its true, but it will only happen if we start by sharing our thoughts and giving them to others, regardless of what we think the consequences will be. It makes my heart ache to think of so many people keeping their mouths shut because they are afraid of offending. The fact is, the truth is worth professing and fighting for, and saying, no matter who it offends. If people can push their immodesty and immorality in our faces without even saying anything, then I think we have not only the license, but the duty, to put our joy and our belief in the Catholic Church in front of them as well, and say, look. Look at what you are condemning: children, families and life, love and friendship, you are quickly and steadily snuffing out. All the things that make us human, you, our fellow humans, are rigorously exterminating.
              We will not be deceived, not if we continue to speak to each other, to teach each other and to support each other. Like the poor woman who has been thrown in jail recently. Maybe we can write to her, give her the encouragement she deserves, and hold up our heads in the face of such outrage. We can think of Joan of Arc, burning at the stake, suffering all for God. Heart of Jesus, glowing furnace of Charity, have Mercy on Us!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Oscar de la Renta

      He was a huge influence on the fashion world for years. Will it be the same without him? No.

       I don't pretend to know a lot about fashion, or what comes and goes, whats important now or who is really making the money. But there is no doubt that anyone even vaguely interested in fashion felt a little something die in him when he heard this news. Lets pray for him that he may rest in peace.

      Mr. de la Renta designed some stunning and beautiful clothing. That is what I enjoy in fashion. I believe that the price tag, for those who can afford it, is worth it, because it is made by hand in the fashion house, not in a factory in China where the workers are barely paid and treated terribly. Olivia of Fresh Modesty recently wrote a post on ethical clothing that I really agree with. Check out her website if you are interested in that kind of thing. ( I don't know why I'm saying this, since no one reads this blog anyways. To make myself feel better?)

      So I would like to share some of my favorite looks from Oscar de la Renta. Not all are red carpet but many of them are. I don't pretend to be an expert on fashion, I just love to look at it, and I have tried to pick out some of the more modest ones, as evidence that fashion can be beautiful, edgy, classy and modest.

To start with.

Emily Blunt looks just awesome in this color, and I love the possibilities that one shoulder gowns present. I realize that the gown is not completely modest I however love this color and Emily Blunt so it comes first on this list.

Next up how could I not mention Amal Clooney's gorgeous wedding gown? Lets hope this wedding lasts!

Obviously he is an expert at lace as well as everything else.
So I had never seen this jaw dropping look Carrie Underwood posed in until I started searches for this post. I love a lot of her style choices as far as red carpet goes, and sparkles and glitter??!! Two of the best things ever in clothing. I love how unique this look is. I've never seen anything like it.
Now for a little Taylor love. I can't understand how she continues to write and produce such terrible music, but she is truly one of my style icons. Classy and cute.

Prints galore!! I never get tired of this look!
I thought about trying to mix up the T-Swift looks but I guess I might as well put them up now.

So this dress is backless but I couldn't not include it because it is just so breathtaking. What I wouldn't give to feel that fabric.
One more from this gal that I also love.
Talk about classic couture cocktail. At least that is what I think of.
Their are probably a dozen more of her in Oscar de la Renta, but I think I should probably move on before I get carried away.

The cut and color of this gown are absolutely perfect. He is the king of embellishments as well. And Michelle Dockery is gorgeous.
I thought this one was perfect for an edgy, out there look that wasn't too weird or crazy. I've never really followed Tina Fey's fashion choices, but here's to a great one!!
Time to close up with a last but not least actually a couple last but not leasts.
First up Nikki Reed cuz I think she's gorgeous:

I think I should look up another word for awesome in my thesaurus but I am too lazy. Let's just say Nikki and Oscar nailed it.
 And to close this unforgettable gown on Freida Pinto:

I think what is so amazing about this designer is that he can take something like that basic ballgown design and turn it into such a unique dress, something you can't take your eyes off of because it is so beautiful. The gold stitching on this gown...........there are no words. I just look and look, and wish I could look in person.

TTFN folks! I'll probably do Jenny Packham next. But I might go the celebrity route. I'm not sure. I just hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

I Will Be Sore

        Humans always need a challenge. And I got one today. This gal Amy leads my "Tone and Trim" class, and she is so fun and awesome and challenging. She said we hardly did anything and half of us are dying. So.....its going to be a challenge. But it will help me to at least do something on a regular basis, because if I don't I know I am not going to last.
          So we all had to introduce ourselves and this one pretty heavy gal said she got diagnosed with hypothyroidism after she had her second kid, and they just put her on medication and she gained 70 lbs. Yikes!! I wanted to tell her about the OnTarget Nutrition book so badly. Maybe next week. But no matter how much it pains me to say it, how can you educate millions of people on how doctors are trained to prescribe medication, not prevent or eliminate disease or illness? You can't, because that is not what they have been taught their whole lives. People won't search if they don't even know that there is something to search for. And you can apply that to almost anything worth having in life. They aren't looking for God because He hasn't even crossed their mind. They aren't looking for someone who is giving because they have only met people who are selfish. They are not looking for joy because they have only experienced sorrow.
          Which leads to another question in my brain. How do you explain to people who are so relieved  because they "found Christ" and became Christians, and had a terrible life formerly and are now so happy, that there is more to it, and that they actually aren't quite there. I mean they already came so far, you almost feel like the bad guy saying, "oh you aren't good enough". Which is kind of true, but so hard to feel passionate about. But that is where prayer and the Holy Ghost come in I guess.
        Anyways better get to homework, so here's to many more posts, that are more planned out and thought about, and that I achieve at least most of my goals this semester. Anyone who reads this please pray that I get some violin students in the next two weeks, cuz that is really important right now.
And make a martini tonight. Or tomorrow would work I guess.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Fires

(On the fires in Washington, August 2015)

They are burning, it seems, everywhere.
The smoke becomes an oppressive screen.
Houses vanish, sacrificial food
To a merciless force, fed by air.
But by many they remain unseen,
Only revealed by the brittle smell,
Opaque haze, and pictures, black and red,
And the news of deaths, the charcoal miles,
Tracked by men making their way through hell.
Weeks pass, and destruction rears her head,
Gathers her booty, souls of despair,
While some lift their voices in a prayer.

by Sophie Saurette

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Why the Party Tree?

           I still remember Dad reading us The Lord of the Rings, and how I cried when the Party Tree gets cut down by Saruman in the scouring of the shire. The idea of a party tree has always been this fantastic idea in our heads since then. We have this Maple tree in the middle of our back lawn. It used to be small and lowly with Frisbees stuck in it and thrown over it and pictures taken in front of it. It has grown tall and green, leafy and beautiful. It refracts the sun into golds and greens and gently shivers in the breeze. Well you get the point, we love the maple tree.
            It was christened The Party Tree at my Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary party. They hung icicle lights on it and it glowed like a magic wand. That party was huge. We cooked food for a lot of people, I was only 14 so I am honestly not sure how many, and my sister Dani baked and hand piped a big 3 tier white cake. Since then the party tree has lit up for every big party we've had.
            So The Party Tree means a lot of things to me. It reminds me of my childhood and my family, and most of our most joyous occasions. Hopefully those things influence at least a little the tone of this blog.
           Right now my mom and my sister are watching some old tv show called the Monkees. They are so weird and awesome. Where would we be without our families?

Friday, 21 August 2015

The School Year Begins

           Hello to the world, although I should probably just say to myself, because I do not know who, if anyone, will read this. I am starting this blog for a few different reasons, and in this post I want to lay them out, and let those who might happen upon it know what to expect.
           When I moved away from home for the first time almost 1 year ago, I had no idea what to expect. So I had no strange illusions to be broken, and I had a very productive and fun year. I also spent way too much time on my beautiful new laptop and developed a little addiction. So I think a blog, now that I am back home, will be a good goal for me, something I have to do that I will then hate my computer for. At the very least it will be far more productive than browsing (Whoever has spent hours watching those, I feel your pain.)
             That being said, I also have a duty to spread the True Faith as much as possible, and I love my Faith, so posts tending to the religious side are definitely in order, and will happen. I am toying with the idea of putting up daily night prayers in the form of psalms or quotes, or religious music that I enjoy, of course.
             This will also be the dumping ground for all the hobbies that I won't be able to actually realize as hobbies, or study in school. Those include: Fashion, in a big way, horses, photography, scrabble, poetry, food, although I actually might study that in the future, wine, literature, Russian...... that is all I can come up with at the moment.
             And finally, I want to dedicate this blog to my fantabulous parents, the best people I know. Thanks for putting up with me, and taking me back!! Love you guys!!