Friday, 30 September 2016

22 Days Later......

       ......and I have not been able, in all that time, to summon up the brain activity and will power to get myself to post on this blog.
          So I choose now, at a time when I am waiting to leave, when I have nothing better to do, and when I feel quite useless.
          I should probably be doing homework, but I know that I will be doing much of that later today. So there is not much incentive. Plus, most of my assignments will take a while, and I am not really the type of person to do a little bit of something, and then come back to it- mostly because when I do do that, I end up completely restarting. So what's the point?
          I was supposed to write this super insightful and interesting post titled Millenials and Entitlement. But who cares about my biased, tired and pessimistic opinion? The answer is: no one. And that is ok. Because I need to realize that my life isn't about me; its about everyone else. Everyone I come in contact with and have friendships with, everyone who is affected by something I say or do, whether I am aware of it or not. And that is probably a lot more insightful and soul-searching that any shpeel I could come up with, whether or not it is relevant and accurate.
          Right now, the only thing in daily life that I am concerned about is that I have to do this violin workshop for a few of Dad's kids at his school. And I have no idea what I am going to do. Like at all. Its scary. What if all the kids start acting out because they are bored? So that is kind of stressful.
          In the meantime I am actually going to prepare a post which will be mostly pictures taken by a dear friend Brittany Barb. Go check her out at Brittany Long. She took some gorgeous photos of me making pizza monkey bread. (Yes that is as amazing as it sounds.) I had wanted to do food pics for a long time (as food is basically my biggest obsession). Britt kindly agreed to do them with me. I have some work to do as far as figuring out a more interesting to photograph item, and timing the sprinkling of delicious herbs so that it looks awesome, but all of that is to come.
Food is simply absolutely exciting in every way, and hopefully the photos to come tomorrow will wet your appetite!


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