Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A Few Thoughts on America's Liberal Modernist Progressivism

Now that is a mouthful - "Liberal Modernist Progressivism" - but it is a mouthful that needs to be stated more often than it is. Last night's election started me thinking about what it is about the majority of the democratic party that leaves me so absolutely in despair. What precisely about America's Liberal Modernist Progressivism has driven those people in our country with some morals left, to unite against a common evil? Didn't it seem like all was lost? That Hillary's progressive agenda had gained enough momentum to sail away with the white house in tow for at least the next four years?

I think there are a couple of reasons why not everyone was duped by the "tolerance" agenda of the democrats. One is that Christians who understand tolerance to mean virtually charity in religion speak, are starting to realize that tolerance for liberals actually means "acceptance". Lately, I have been wondering why the left's tolerance bothered me so much; I had always understood the idea of it to be essentially a very Catholic one centered around Charity, and the old adage "love the sinner, hate the sin". Well, I was wrong about that in the first place, since tolerance would be better represented by "love the sinner, allow him to sin". But the left has taken its creed even further than that. In fact, liberals, especially young millennial liberals, have kept on preaching laws of tolerance, when what they really mean is acceptance. If LGBTQs just wanted regular old people to tolerate them, then they wouldn't be making half such a stink about their rights! What they want is for the public to accept them, even to endorse them.

All the leftist talk about tolerance is crap, even to them. It is a very bad cover for the agenda of forcing evil on the world. That is the devil's agenda, and he will enforce it through the selfish modernist's mindset of tolerance. There are many people who preach leftist views and really mean well. They have been deceived not just by their own desire to do evil, but by a targeted attack on their belief that evil can even exist. It used to be that taking the life of a child was one of the worst evils one could conceive of. Now this is everyday talk. Evil has become not only legal, but commonplace. America's Liberal Modern Progressivism has erased the idea of evil from the minds of its subjects.

Not believing in evil is like not believing in night. If there is day, there must be night. If there is good there must be evil. You cannot have one without the other. If evil did not exist the word good would be redundant. Useless.

Last night gave me a little hope, not really for our country, but more for all those people who are learning to accept evil as normal. It seems that there are more people out there who can still think straight than any of us thought. They were just too cowed by the democratic attitude to come out and say it; and I suppose that turned out to be a good thing!

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