Thursday, 10 November 2016


The biggest case of denial that can be readily diagnosed right now in the United States, is the denial of left-wing liberals and the entire Democratic party.

Everywhere you look, on whatever news channel, there is disbelief, and outrage, unfounded fear, and denial. They simply cannot believe that this happened.

Why? Do liberals think they are the only people living in the US? Apparently so. They do not seem to realize that Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by a mere .3%. Less than 1%! So their claim that the country has somehow lost out on the candidate the people want is straight up ridiculous! But the left will never accept this because that would mean that their liberal agenda did not make the home run they thought they had hit. In fact it wasn't even close. And they can't stand the reality of that, the failure. They cannot comprehend the fact that virtually half of American voters still have morals, and at least a vague idea of right and wrong. At the same time, they are in denial about the fact that, while Republicans had pretty much a terrible candidate, they nominated the worst possible candidate they ever could have, probably the worst in American history so far. She was under investigation for crying out loud! Who cares what her policies are! She is probably a crook! I don't think the American public is very eager yet to discredit FBI investigations. Sorry guys.

Even with all this, even knowing that the left has been so badly beaten that they are in denial, I, at least, am having a hard time celebrating. I am still terrified of what they will do to discredit Trump's time as president. And let's face it, a little terrified that Trump will completely screw up.

At least for now, those who still believe in God in this country have a little more time to prepare for what's coming. Because it will come. The devil is not happy right now, I am sure; he wanted Hillary up there. But hopefully Trump as the president, is God working in mysterious ways. That is what we need to believe and pray for right now.

Here's to a republican house and senate!

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