Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Fires

(On the fires in Washington, August 2015)

They are burning, it seems, everywhere.
The smoke becomes an oppressive screen.
Houses vanish, sacrificial food
To a merciless force, fed by air.
But by many they remain unseen,
Only revealed by the brittle smell,
Opaque haze, and pictures, black and red,
And the news of deaths, the charcoal miles,
Tracked by men making their way through hell.
Weeks pass, and destruction rears her head,
Gathers her booty, souls of despair,
While some lift their voices in a prayer.

by Sophie Saurette


  1. I hat to say this but the first time I read this I was thinking ummmm...this is so not Sophie. I just read it again and it is way better the second time...

  2. I still think this font is really hard to read.