Sunday, 23 August 2015

Why the Party Tree?

           I still remember Dad reading us The Lord of the Rings, and how I cried when the Party Tree gets cut down by Saruman in the scouring of the shire. The idea of a party tree has always been this fantastic idea in our heads since then. We have this Maple tree in the middle of our back lawn. It used to be small and lowly with Frisbees stuck in it and thrown over it and pictures taken in front of it. It has grown tall and green, leafy and beautiful. It refracts the sun into golds and greens and gently shivers in the breeze. Well you get the point, we love the maple tree.
            It was christened The Party Tree at my Mom and Dad's 25th anniversary party. They hung icicle lights on it and it glowed like a magic wand. That party was huge. We cooked food for a lot of people, I was only 14 so I am honestly not sure how many, and my sister Dani baked and hand piped a big 3 tier white cake. Since then the party tree has lit up for every big party we've had.
            So The Party Tree means a lot of things to me. It reminds me of my childhood and my family, and most of our most joyous occasions. Hopefully those things influence at least a little the tone of this blog.
           Right now my mom and my sister are watching some old tv show called the Monkees. They are so weird and awesome. Where would we be without our families?


  1. You forgot to mention that is has also been struck by some leaf eating destructive plague and looks like all the branches may just crack off and die. Please get the parentals to look into having someone spray it SOON!

  2. and the monkees are awesome. don't hate on the monkees.