Thursday, 27 August 2015

I Will Be Sore

        Humans always need a challenge. And I got one today. This gal Amy leads my "Tone and Trim" class, and she is so fun and awesome and challenging. She said we hardly did anything and half of us are dying. So.....its going to be a challenge. But it will help me to at least do something on a regular basis, because if I don't I know I am not going to last.
          So we all had to introduce ourselves and this one pretty heavy gal said she got diagnosed with hypothyroidism after she had her second kid, and they just put her on medication and she gained 70 lbs. Yikes!! I wanted to tell her about the OnTarget Nutrition book so badly. Maybe next week. But no matter how much it pains me to say it, how can you educate millions of people on how doctors are trained to prescribe medication, not prevent or eliminate disease or illness? You can't, because that is not what they have been taught their whole lives. People won't search if they don't even know that there is something to search for. And you can apply that to almost anything worth having in life. They aren't looking for God because He hasn't even crossed their mind. They aren't looking for someone who is giving because they have only met people who are selfish. They are not looking for joy because they have only experienced sorrow.
          Which leads to another question in my brain. How do you explain to people who are so relieved  because they "found Christ" and became Christians, and had a terrible life formerly and are now so happy, that there is more to it, and that they actually aren't quite there. I mean they already came so far, you almost feel like the bad guy saying, "oh you aren't good enough". Which is kind of true, but so hard to feel passionate about. But that is where prayer and the Holy Ghost come in I guess.
        Anyways better get to homework, so here's to many more posts, that are more planned out and thought about, and that I achieve at least most of my goals this semester. Anyone who reads this please pray that I get some violin students in the next two weeks, cuz that is really important right now.
And make a martini tonight. Or tomorrow would work I guess.

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