Sunday, 6 September 2015


              Its just been coming down, cooling everything off, causing us (or dad rather) to build our first fire. Dani and Kristoff came back from Moscow and Montana for the weekend, so I have been terribly unproductive, just enjoying their company while they are here, because they are sadly leaving today and tomorrow. Fortunately, I consider family the most important thing in my life so I don't feel so bad. We did homework today, so that was not fun. Poor Dani is trying to figure out these crazy chemistry problems, and I wish I could help her, but it turns out that she is a little better at just helping me with pre-calc. You know sometimes I think that even the teachers who teach this stuff don't understand it.
            We went to the Latham's Movie Night party, and had a blast, and then we went to the Wilson's last night and laughed for like 3 hours straight. So what is the real topic for tonight's post? It is the importance of human interaction, and real communication. People don't share ideas anymore. They do not just sit back and have an articulate, intelligent conversation. It doesn't have to be about anything particularly uplifting, although that helps. Simply being able to exchange thoughts on your new video game would be a good start. When we take the time to speak to each other, our world slows down to a normal speed. We don't realize how much time we have either, really, until we unplug from all the extras in our lives, simply do what is necessary, and then examine our time. What is important to me? What do I want to spend my life doing? I talk to people to find out that out. Humans are social animals, and it will be too late before we all wake up and realize we are alienated from each other because we did not talk to each other. It will be too late because we will have already killed each other in our blindness, unable to see what we were doing.
               Thank God for our families, the families of our parish that try to live as humans should, loving each other's company, socializing as we were meant to. You know how people say sharing is caring? Well its true, but it will only happen if we start by sharing our thoughts and giving them to others, regardless of what we think the consequences will be. It makes my heart ache to think of so many people keeping their mouths shut because they are afraid of offending. The fact is, the truth is worth professing and fighting for, and saying, no matter who it offends. If people can push their immodesty and immorality in our faces without even saying anything, then I think we have not only the license, but the duty, to put our joy and our belief in the Catholic Church in front of them as well, and say, look. Look at what you are condemning: children, families and life, love and friendship, you are quickly and steadily snuffing out. All the things that make us human, you, our fellow humans, are rigorously exterminating.
              We will not be deceived, not if we continue to speak to each other, to teach each other and to support each other. Like the poor woman who has been thrown in jail recently. Maybe we can write to her, give her the encouragement she deserves, and hold up our heads in the face of such outrage. We can think of Joan of Arc, burning at the stake, suffering all for God. Heart of Jesus, glowing furnace of Charity, have Mercy on Us!

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