Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Summer Starts

          Something I have realized in the past couple of days: whenever someone makes a bad life decision, it is usually those closest to them, and not the actual person, who get hurt the most. This is a conviction that has sprung simply from personal experience on both sides of the matter. And once I realized it, it made me really want to not do anything stupid that will make others feel worse than me.
          There are times when no one can fix a hurt that is inside you, when there is no one you can talk to who will understand why you just want to weep for a week straight. Times when only a talk with God will suffice. And those times are usually times of hurt. When something is ripped away from you without any warning, or any replacement- so that there is just a gaping whole in your soul. Only God's love can fill those holes. I have to keep telling myself that, or I will wallow in sadness, in every sense of the word.
         9 months ago, I said that I would be posting on my new blog every day. That obviously turned out really well, but I am determined to give it another shot. Which is why I am here, putting down some more reflections for the beginning of the summer, if only to make myself seriously contemplate something not totally superfluous.
        Here's to new beginnings!!

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